Fantoni School
The art of making school  since 1898
Fantoni  School has a long history. It was founded in 1898, so more than 100 years ago.
More than 20,000 students have studied in the Fantoni classes and laboratories.
Peculiarity of the school is to teach the “know-how”, indeed, “how to do well”, that is the best way to live realistically and counting on their own ability.
Artistic and creative skills are tested, supported and developed, finding an outlet point in professionalism expendable in the labor market.
Today about 650 students attend the school, with an increasing of over 50% in the past decade. This is  why recently - in 2005 and in 2013 - the historical building that always houses the school, expanded and became more functional to training needs.
Art School
Fantoni Art High School has five years. After a common  biennium, it is possible choosing two different addresses: arts or architecture & environment.
Art school is always been faithful to the traditional institutes of applied art, and more, it focus its training proposal on the figure of the teacher and the place of the laboratory.
Life drawing,  sculpture, engraving, fresco, painting techniques, CAD and graphic computer: tradition and modernity blend and integrate, and the workshop approach goes hand in hand with the latest technology.
Collaborations with the outside and internships, even abroad, allow students to test themselves and to express the most of their potential.
Graphics & Multimedia
Furniture & design
Vocational training courses have three years, with the possibility of an optional fourth and fifth year.
 Fantoni School trains professionals in the field of graphics and design / design of furniture: there are two areas in which creativity finds a way to express itself  through the use of various computer and multimedia tools.
All the teachers are professionals, they are able to convey to students knowledge and skills in line with actually business needs and passion for their business too.
Every year over two hundred companies receive students in internships, and later became the natural outlet for a first work experience.
Restoration of Cultural Property
In the field of higher education after secondary school, Fantoni School has had for over ten years the course for 'Technical restoration of cultural heritage'.
Made in collaboration with the Superintendent, the course has a duration of three years of training and allows students to develop skills in the restoration of paintings, wall paintings, stucco, decorations, stone materials.
From the first year students work on real subjects, while in the third year they finish their training with a long period of internship in individual companies.
In the Lombardy region Fantoni School is one of five schools that provide this training, for this reason it gained recognition of the regional Centre of Excellence.
European projects
The horizon of the school’s view is the world.
Aware of this, the school has participated and has promoted direct experience of knowledge, exchange and mobility with other European schools for more than 10 years. Fantoni Institute has activated Leonardo Projects since 2003: "", with the aim of creating a network able to facilitate transnational mobility for art crafts , "APEX: the best apprenticeship and professional experiences in Europe as models for small companies and vocational schools of Art ", "Me.da.rte - Crafts of Art on the Net", "Imit.Arte", “The life and work of women in the changing Europe" .
Thanks to these projects we have partnered with training institutions in many European countries (France, Belgium, Portugal, Norway, Germany, Greece, Romania, Poland, Turkey) with whom we continue to exchange good practices,  students and staff mobility.
Employment services
Fantoni School takes care of its students even after the training, and provides concrete tools to promote their vocational integration.
Accredited for the employment services, the school is able to bring together its alumni with selected companies that can provide them a first job opportunity consistent with the curriculum. 
'Dote Unica Lavoro' and 'Youth Guarantee' are currently the two channels more used for this purpose.  What really makes the difference are detailed knowledge and systematic contact with the business world .
The training of students is always in line with what the market demands actually , and this is the first real reason why our students are struggling less than others,  to find their own opportunities, despite these years of crisis. 

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